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Corporate Identity Corporate Identity

From an interactive website to a business card, the importance of corporate identity and branding implementation is a requirement for success. Your organization must be easily recognizable, differentiated and help generate customer loyalty. This indispensable resource delivers brand identity fundamentals and a comprehensive dynamic process that facilitates your brands success. From researching the competition to translating the vision of the CEO to designing and implementing an integrated brand identity program, the meticulous development process is presented through a highly visible step by step approach in five phases: research and analysis, brand and identity strategy, brand identity design, brand identity applications and managing brand assets.

Logo Logo Design

Effective corporate logo design is defined by 3 factors:

  1. A logo must be easily 'identifiable'
    This means that the unique details in your logo make it easily read and memorable in any kind of circumstances (on a Fax, on TV or on a car, a logo can be massive or exceptionally small).
  2. Your logo needs to be 'memorable'
    This means: a simple shape, 1, 2 or 3 colors maximum and a straightforward but intelligent idea. The more color and shapes that are used the more difficult it becomes to remember. It takes an average of 47 times to remember a 2 color logo, much more when 3 colors are being used.
  3. The last but important factor, your logo has to be 'harmonious’
    The aesthetic of a logo is not only a question of a beautiful image and nice color it is also a question of harmony between 'an idea' and 'a shape'. This is why choosing the right concept for your logo design is key for you to reach the desired result.

Business Cards & Stationary Business Cards / Stationary

  • Consistently represent your organizations products and services
  • Enhance and support your marketing options

Your doctor, your lawyer and your banker, like clean looking business cards with very simple layouts. They like business card designs that are printed in two colors on expensive white, textured cards, with a few expensive embellishments, such as embossing or gold foiling. Their cards usually stand out because they are expensively produced, yet they don't have to compete for attention (how many doctors' or lawyers' business cards do you have in your card holder?). These cards are passive, you look for them because YOU want to specifically contact that person.

A 'regular' business, on the other hand, is competing to get customers to contact them, these are customers who regularly receive cards and who are continuously contacted by competing similar businesses. A card that just sits there, quietly waiting to be found or thrown away, is going to lose you money. You need a salesperson in every card holder that shouts "HEY YOU WANT TO SPEAK WITH ME." Like in any competitive market, the first goal of your most important marketing tool is not information, the first goal is to grab attention, and then provide information... and I'm not talking about those silly tricks to grab attention, I'm talking about memorable, striking graphics.

A great looking card is always picked up, remembered and will stand out on any desk or Rolodex.

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Brochures & Stationary Brochures / Flyers

  • Cost effectively reach your target market
  • Motivate your prospects to become customers

The purpose of your brochure may vary from business to business. Some are designed to display services, whereas others are focused on selling an idea. No matter what the focus of the brochure is, it needs to be readable, intriguing, and functional. The brochure must grab a viewer’s attention and hold it long enough to deliver the pertinent information.

How do you grab your customers’ attention with just a piece of paper?

  • Know What Your Reader Wants and answer their questions.
  • Clearly Describe Your Product with emotion
  • Call for Action and close the sale with some response mechanism
  • Make sure your brochure is professionally designed, written, and printed

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