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Billing Policy Billing Policy


Gazungle only accepts payments via MasterCard, VISA, AMEX and Discover . Usage of a credit card indicates authorization to cover all future recurring charges and additional fees with the credit card on file. Monthly fees will be charged on the renewal date for the account. It is the customer's responsibility to maintain sufficient balance on credit card account to allow settlement of charges. Interruption of service will be experienced in the event that credit card account balance is not maintained.


Credit cards on file are not usable when any of the following occur:

The card has expired, declines the charges, is reported lost or stolen, is declared invalid.

  • 1 Day after your account becomes past due you will be sent an email notifying you of the balance
  • After 7 days pass you will receive a pre-suspension notice. (Reminding you of the outstanding balance)
  • On the 14th day you will receive a final pre-suspension notice (Reminding you again of the outstanding balance)
  • On the 21th day, if your balance has not been brought to zero, the account will be suspended (a $25 reactivation fee will apply and your billing date will be changed to the date payment was received).
  • If payment has still not been made, on the 28th day you will receive an "ACCOUNT DELETION WARNING"
  • On the 30th day your account will be deleted and "ALL FILES WILL BE DELETED FROM OUR SYSTEM"


Go to this link: . Fill this form out completely and fax back to with the fax number supplied on the form. We do not offer credits or refunds for hosting time already expended. Domain registration fees, hosting fees, licensing fees and setup fees are non refundable.

Phone or email requests will not constitute acceptance of any cancellation. Notification of cancellation must be received at least five business days prior to your cycle date, with the cycle date being the day of the month you sign up, in order to avoid charges in full for the next cycle. It is the clients responsibility to secure email confirmation from Gazungle that account has been cancelled. If the client has not yet received email confirmation of account cancellation, then the account remains active, and you will continue to be invoiced. It is also the client’s responsibility to download all email and files from your hosted account before cancellation. Gazungle will not be responsible for files left in account after cancellation.

If client has a balance due at the time of cancellation, this balance must be paid in full. Cancellation does not absolve client of any outstanding financial obligations. All accounts must be paid in full before the cancellation will be considered complete.

Transferring your domain to another provider or nonuse of your hosting account does not constitute canceling your account. You must notify Gazungle and validate we have received your cancel form to formally cancel your hosting account and avoid further charges.