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Top Ten Top 10 Reasons to accept credit cards

  1. Bigger Purchases – It is a fact that credit card shoppers spend 2-3 times more per purchase than the average shopper, which means increased profits for your business. The average credit card purchase last year was around $80.00 which almost doubled the average cash purchase of about $40.00
  2. Credit card customers shop more often – It has been proven that credit card shoppers make more frequent purchases than customers who just use cash. It’s easier for consumers to buy things that they want more often when you offer them the convenience of credit card payment.
  3. Number 1 Payment Solution Online - Statistics show that credit cards are the number one payment choice for online consumers. A recent Gallup poll showed that 88% of Internet shoppers use credit cards for their online purchases, and further research estimates that these consumers will spend over $700.00 each in this coming year.
  4. Impulse Buying – Credit Card customers are more likely to make impulse purchases, enabling you to move more inventory and secure more profit. Customers that may reassess a purchase when given too much time to ponder it are more likely to buy when the transaction is fast and easy.
  5. Competitive Edge - If your competitors accept credit cards, you’d better get on board. Businesses that do not accept credit cards are viewed as out-dated and consumers will naturally choose the merchant offering the simplest and most convenient payment options.
  6. Rewards for Credit Card Shoppers - Aggressive rewards and rebate programs now being offered by credit card issuers encourage credit card holders to use their cards even more often and for larger purchases, essentially rewarding them for shopping with you.
  7. Confidence & Convenience – The customer is always right, and if you spend the dollars to get them into your store make sure you complete their shopping experience by giving them a variety of payment options. Consumers want a choice, and by supplying them with the ability to accept credit cards you are building their confidence in your company, which will ultimately blossom into repeat visits and increased sales.
  8. Payment is Quick and Easy - Credit cards can be processed in real-time. You can guarantee a customer’s ability to pay, verify the card, and complete a transaction in mere seconds, and the money is transferred directly into your designated checking account with 48 hrs!
  9. Global Payments - Accepting credit cards makes your business accessible to customers all over the world. Credit card issuers handle currency exchanges for global purchases, so wherever your customers are, you can make the sale
  10. Great for ANY Business type - Whether you’re in retail, travel, food services, business to business services, phone/mail/fax sales, e-commerce, or another line of business, you can offer your customers the convenience of paying by credit card, and it has been shown to increase sales by at least 20%.